Children of the War (2012)





Номер трека: 



The flame is burning in your hands 
It slightly lightens labyrinths 
Calling your friends to where you are 
Your destined fate is now too far 

I knew you would come here 
My soul is buried right where you stand 
The strong spirit has found me 
I know there’s only war inside 

I was killed by war 
Being captured by these walls 
I’m given freedom by your help 
Touching sarcophagus slightly trembling 

I wanna tell you what I feel 
How I was slaughtered by the steel 
How ground was satisfied with blood 
How moan and pain were all I found 

Swords’s strike and arrow’s hiss 
Have tried my flesh 
The final breath and I’m gone 
And only silence rests for long… 

Great king I used to be 
The glory – I was looking for 
We strived for battle, result – death 
So can you tell me what is war? 

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