Return Of The Overlord


This single is a preliminary to the full release that is planned to be released in a middle of 2011.

  • All music and lyrics by Stanislav 'Brudywr' Ambartsumov
  • All instruments performed by Brudywr

Recorded and mixed in February 2011 at Brudywr's home studio except the 4th track which was recorded and mixed in November 2001.

Cover photo and design by Victoria Gulak.

  • Return Of The Overlord - composed in late 1999, originally recorded for the "Return Of The Black Prince" demo (2001) in late 2001.
  • Swamp Of Souls and Beyond The Lies - composed in late 2001, never released so far.

This release also contains the original 2001 version of the "Return Of The Overlord" theme (originally titled as Return Of The Black Prince) - recorded for the "Return..." demo.


Return Of The Overlord
Swamp Of Souls (single version)
Beyond The Lies
Return Of The Overlord (2001 version)