This single is a preliminary to the full release that is planned to be released in a middle of 2011.

  • All music and lyrics by Stanislav 'Brudywr' Ambartsumov
  • All instruments by Brudywr

Recorded and mixed in january 2011 at Brudywr's home studio except the 4th track which was recorded and mixed in November 2001.

  • Cover photo by Victoria Gulak.
  • Cover artwork design by Brudywr.


  • Winter - composed in late 2000, originally recorded for the "Return Of The Black Prince" demo (2001) in late 2001.
  • Burn The Sunrise - composed in early 2000, never released so far.
  • Suicide - composed in 1999, never released so far.
  • This release also contains the original 2001 version of the "Winter" theme - recorded for the "Return..." demo.