One sky


второй альбом "One sky", который вышел в свет в начале апреля. В прошлую среду диск был представлен на творческом вечере памяти Сергея Кушилкина в "Марадоне". Альбом включает в себя 12 композиций, которые были записаны при участии Сергея Михайловича. 


I Am the World
The sun (between the sky)
Not feeling down Somewhere off the ground Behind the rainbow Above the rain No one feels the same I see the winds blow Across the night
Great day
Mountains saying something I understand I feel My eyes seeing one thing Everything is not real Dreamer, maybe I’m a dreamer
Rock'n'Roll never end
Hey,hey! You’re gonna sing my song I know you wanna rock-n-roll Just take my hand and go with me You gotta learn to fly and I believe You can do it!Rock-n-roll!
I lose my mind
I lose my mind Because I am in love with you And I’m waiting for your next words I lose my mind The sky is gray My love is true
Magic Wings
You’ve got to know I have something to say to you You’ve got to know I have a music to play for you Open your eyes just follow my dreams
Rain 2014
It’s rain in my heart It’s dreams on the start I feel so well It’s heard the bell in the rain Rain’s like fallind tears I wanna know what it means
Sleep tight (Lullaby)
Sleep tight my little darling And I’ll kiss and hold you tight Sleep tight and I’ll keep smiling When I’ll see you sleep at night Sleep my love good night
At night
Every night I see you in my dreams i’m gonna try To find you somewhere in the streets I’m wishing you were mine I don’t know what’s going on I feel I lose control
Another day
Nine twenty sunday morning Driving on the lonely road Can't you see the world is turning We all driving round the world I'm on the way to another day
Drum and Voice